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Turkstra Mazza Associates - Our Approach

As the needs of our clients evolve with changing times, we at Turkstra Mazza strive to remain at the forefront of our legal system. Our flexible and versatile firm structure, highly trained and attentive support staff, and use of advanced technologies help ensure that we remain cost-effective, efficient and best able to meet the needs of our clients.

Turkstra Mazza Associates - Our Firm

Turkstra Mazza is an association of experienced lawyers working together to provide a wide range of legal and related services in Southern and Central Ontario. Our focus is on high standards, personal attention, delivery of value to clients and global experience.

Turkstra Mazza Associates - Our Commitment

At Turkstra Mazza we work closely with our clients to achieve their legal and strategic goals. We help to identify objectives and constraints, manage risks, and bring about innovative and effective solutions - for both complex problems and more routine matters. We are committed to providing sound, sensible legal advice, tailored to our clients' needs and delivered promptly at competitive rates.


- 2017 "Summer’s End @ Bold" Celebration

- 2016 "Summer’s End @ Bold" Celebration

- 2015 "Summer’s End @ Bold" Celebration

- 2014 "Summer’s End @ Bold" Celebration

- 2013 "Summer’s End @ Bold" Celebration

- 2012 Annual "Summer in the City"  BBQ

Hamilton Office

15 Bold St.
Hamilton, Ontario
Phone: 905.529.3476
Fax: 905.529.3663

London Office

17 Renwick Avenue
London, Ontario
N6A 3V1
Phone: 519.434.3684
Fax: 519.434.6663

Toronto Office

375 University Avenue, Suite 701
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416.368.4554
Fax: 416.368.4741

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